Restaurant intranet

An effective way to track the sales of your restaurant.

Restaurant intranet

Do you want sales directly to your email? Want to compare sales to last year? Want to budget for future sales? Corpenets Restaurant Intra is the perfect software for this.

Through restaurant intranet, you can budget for future sales, report sales, monitor sales, and hours spent. Our software is easy to use that anyone can use. In addition, many different restaurants can be connected to the software. The restaurant intrigue is located in the cloud, making it possible to use anywhere in the world.


Restaurant intranet

5 users / restaurant (additional users 10 € / month)



Sales analytics

Sales reporting

Sales automatically by email

Privacy Policy (GDPR)

49.90 € / month per restaurant

Opening fee 99 €. Prices VAT. 0%.
12 month contract.
Billing periods every 3 months.

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